Reforestation World events

We use our events to raise awareness on our key topics and to promote the engagement of others.

Events such as the "Draw a tree, we plant it!" action are aimed at the broader public, across all ages. Other events, organised with partners, might be more focused on particular topics and in bringing experts and interested people together to discuss these.

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Draw a Tree, we plant it!


A simple idea: draw a tree at one of our events, select an organisation from our projects list and we provide the funds to have it planted. An easy way to make the world a little bit greener!

These events cover all ages, from young children to adults. Our main goal is to bring people closer to our topics and the work of our partner organisations, in a relaxed way, taking the time discuss their questions with us.

We accumulate the drawings and choices of our visitors and provide the corresponding funds to the organisations after the event. The funding comes from Reforestation World and from private sponsors, who also agree that this is a positive way to engage people.

After each event, we publish a selection of the collected drawings in our Facebook page, to show the creativity of our visitors and stimulate others to appreciate and be engaged.

Events and Locations

The very first event took place at the Going Wild days of the Zürich Zoo, on September 2017, where we sponsored more than 250 trees (check our Facebook post here). Given the positive results, we decided to repeat it in different parts of Switzerland during the Summer 2018.

During 2018, we conducted three events:


During 2017 and 2018, our events in Switzerland resulted in the sponsoring of circa 850 trees and the direct contact and engagement of nearly 2'000 people.

About 80% of our visitors are families. It was interesting for us to see how the parents were also actively engaged, drawing with the children and discussing together when it was time to choose a location for their tree, or then asking us questions about the topics and projects. This fulfils our primary goal and gives us insights into the interests and questions of our visitors, allowing us to improve over time.

Each partner organisation was sponsored the following number of trees in 2018:

Organisation Nb of trees Organisation Nb of trees
ACES 40 Foundation Green Ethiopia 50
ADESolaire 30 Taking Root 40
Arboles y Futuro 50 Verein Tany 40
Desert Tree 85 Vivamos Mejor 30
FPNF 50 WeForest 50
Forestever 40 Zoo Zürich 55
newTree 45 Total 605


Partnerships & Collaborations

sustinova logo

Sustinova is a non-profit organisation based in Zurich, Switzerland, and devoted to promoting Sustainability in the NGO area.

As a partner, Sustinova provides operational support to Reforestation World in its public activities.

ETH Zurich - Chair of Ecosystem Management

The Chair of Ecosystem management at the ETH Zürich organised the Latsis Symposium ETH 2018 “Scaling-up forest Restoration”, on June 6-7 & 9, 2018.

Reforestation World collaborated with the link to NGOs, practitioners and others stakeholders in the field of forest restoration.